Furry Friends Food Bank Donation Page

The Furry Friend Food Bank is looking for donations! We are trying to raise $15,000 to provide supplemental pet food and supplies to low-income seniors and adults with disabilities. The goal is to keep local seniors and pets together while also providing transportation of food and supplies to our locations.

The number one goal of the Furry Friend Food Bank is to keep local seniors and pets together. The program is dedicated to preserving the special bond between people and their pets by providing basic pet necessities to those in need.

In many cases pets are the only regular contact many seniors receive in our area and too often, seniors will sacrifice their own nutritional needs in an effort to not surrender their furry companion. It is our mission to stop this occurrence. Eastern Area Agency on Aging believes that pets give people invaluable mental and physical health to their owners. We feel that people are better equipped to care for their pets and ensure their own health when there is a relief of physical and financial concern.

In order to continue providing support to our seniors and their friends we need your help!