3-D Catering

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 3D Catering is a fee for service meal program. Clients pay for the nutritious meals they receive. There are 8 medically appropriate meal plans available. Prices range from $5.00 per meal for our standard low sodium line to $6.50 per meal for the special 5 packs. You may order 5 to 21 + meals per week.

The guidelines for becoming a 3-D Catering customer are:

  • There are no income requirements
  • Age requirements: Must be 50+ or 18+ and living with a disability
  • You must be on an established delivery route
  • OR be willing to pick-up the meals

That is all it takes to start enjoying a variety of delicious entrees.

 Each 5-pack of meals comes with:

  • A mini loaf of homemade bread
  • 5 desserts

For more information download the 3-D Catering brochure below: