Community Services


Information, Resources & Referrals

Every call that comes into Eastern Area Agency on Aging is important. And the questions are varied. That is why we are so proud of our Information, Resources and Referrals Department.

Our Resource and Referral Consultant is well versed in the areas that are of utmost concern to seniors. Consultants are available, by phone or in person, to discuss a senior’s needs, or the needs of the caregiver or family. Consultants are skilled at pointing people in the right direction, in order for them to receive the help they need, whether through EAAA itself or another agency with whom we work.

This personalized service is available to anyone 60 years of age or older and adults with disabilities, free of charge. It is also available to caregivers and families of seniors for use on their behalf.

The Resource and Referral Consultant works closely with the Community Services staff who provide home visits to those seniors who are unable to come into the office. 

Some of the topics that the Resource and Referral Consultant can address are below:

  • Health insurance counseling including  MaineCare, Medicare, long term care insurance and other health insurances
  • Prescription drug assistance programs including the new Medicare Prescription drug benefit and MaineCare funded drug assistance programs
  • Property tax and rent relief programs
  • Fuel assistance
  • Financial management assistance
  • Home maintenance and repair assistance
  • Transportation
  • Personal care services and home health assistance programs
  • Housing assistance including assisted living and nursing facility placements
  • Healthy aging programs

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Medicare currently has Part A that covers hospitalization. Beneficiaries do not have to pay a premium for Part A if they worked 40 quarters (10 years) or if they are (were)  married to someone who did.

Medicare Part B covers outpatient services and has a monthly premium.

Open enrollment for Medicare part D is from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.

The staff at Eastern Area Agency on Aging recognizes the complexity of this issue and the need to treat each beneficiary as an individual, since no two people will have the same medical issues or prescriptions. 

We will be holding numerous public education events throughout our four county area and have dedicated staff to help you work through your individual issues. Click on the Event page for dates and locations of clinics.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 432-7812 with your questions or concerns.

For information about extra help-go to the Social security administration website:

For information about the Medicare prescription drug plan program call-1-800-Medicare

Outreach and Home Services

The Community Services program offers assistance to seniors, as well as caregivers and families of older persons. This support is offered through education and information about community resources that are available to seniors, and state and federal programs designed to help older adults.

Our Consultants also help seniors complete the necessary forms which may enable them to receive additional government benefits. They may also be able to help with health insurance and medication costs.

For virtually any question, our Consultants will have, or be able to find, the answer. Our main goal is to serve our clients the best way possible.

There is a Community Service Consultant available in each of the four counties that Eastern Area Agency on Aging serves. These trained professionals can provide assistance through a home visit, a telephone call, or email. 

There is no charge for the informational services provided by EAAA’s Community Service Consultants. And some of the topics which can be covered by the Consultants include:

  • Medicare
  • MaineCare
  • Long term care options
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Tax and rent refunds
  • Social Security
  • Food Stamps
  • Home health and personal care programs
  • Community support programs like home safety and fall prevention, home maintenance/fuel assistance, transportation, and caregiver support programs.
  • And others

Senior Medicare Patrol

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program provides Medicare beneficiaries smp.jpg.gifwith the most current information on Medicare benefits and educates them on ways to identify and prevent errors, waste, fraud and abuse of the Medicare system. 

Medicare statements can be challenging to read and understand. Sometimes beneficiaries don’t even look at them, and consequently never know if Medicare has been charged for a service that was not performed.

Usually discrepancies in the statements between the services received and the services charged, are due to simple mistakes. But sometimes it can be actual Medicare fraud. Either way, it adds up to millions of dollars a year charged to the government.

Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s SMP program is taking steps to help beneficiaries be aware of the charges on their statements as well as letting them know where to call if they find a mistake.

SMP also has specially trained volunteers who go out into the community to spread the word about Medicare benefits and problems.

Our SMP coordinator works with these volunteers and with Medicare beneficiaries one-on-one. He also speaks to groups.

SMP services include:

  • Individual and community education on Medicare including the benefits available
  • How to read and understand a Medicare statement
  • Other Medicare issues
  • Web and informational resources

We maintain a number of current Medicare related publications and can mail them upon request

Also, check out the consumer Medicare website at for information about benefits and services offered by Medicare.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program

Insurance can be a challenging subject to fully understand.ship_maine_logo.jpg Eastern Area Agency on Aging can help.

We have the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), which provides seniors and the disabled with information and education about health insurances including Medicare, MaineCare, long term care and others. 

This is a federally funded program. SHIP counselors are both paid staff and specially trained volunteers, who provide one-on-one help to those who need it. They also provide education to groups, such as clubs and organizations, on health insurance topics including the brand new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit program, also know as Medicare, Part D. 

These SHIP services are provided in a person’s home, in a community setting, or at the EAAA office. We can go wherever we need to go. Our goal is to provide people with the assistance they need to better understand their insurance.