Take a look around your home. Are there things that need to be fixed? Do you have some small carpentry needs like a loose handrail, broken step, cracked or drafty windows, frayed wires or continuously running toilet?

Have you changed the batteries in your fire alarms lately?  Maybe your faucet leaks and is driving you crazy or your house needs a spring cleaning.

EZ Fix is a fee-for-service program available to seniors over 50 and people with disabilities. For $20 an hour, a handyman or housekeeper will come to your home and clean or make minor repairs.

The best part of the program is that the money raised supports low-income seniors who need help but can’t afford to pay the full rate. For them, we have a sliding fee based on their income.

Just let us know what you need and if it’s in the scope EZ Fix jobs, we will fix you right up. EAAA has per-diem handymen on staff and utilizes some volunteers.

Clients pay for the worker’s travel time, hourly wage and all materials, including cleaning supplies, that are needed to complete the work.

And for larger jobs that require more than a handyman, we have a data base of reputable contractors that we’ll give you.

EAAA also has a Home Safety Check List that can help people evaluate their living space and look for problems or potential problems.