Elder Buddies

Friendship, companionship, support for seniors

Elder Buddies is a program that brings people together. For seniors who are feeling a little lonely, or who need a little help with minor things that they cannot do anymore, such as driving to the grocery store, Elder Buddies can help. Maybe it's just chatting on the phone or grocery shopping or sharing cookies and tea.

Elder Buddies has volunteers who are happy to spend some time with seniors and helping them out. It's all about companionship. Elder Buddies volunteers will be matched up with compatible seniors. Elder Buddies has no cost except for the rides. Depending on distance, the rides will have a fee. You can have more than one Elder Buddies volunteer depending on your needs.

What Elder Buddies can do…

Phone chats

Provide rides

Help with shopping

Running errands

Home visits

Heating up a meal

Assistance with pets

Reading to seniors

Playing cards/games

And more...