Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

Categories: Wellness and Enrichment

A group exercise class for people with arthritis and/or arthritis-related disease, are new to exercise or have been sedentary for quite a while, or are returning to exercise after recovering from illness or injury.  This class provides safe ways to stay active, reduce pain, and move more easily.

 Learn from a trained instructor how to handle challenges like pain that keep you from staying active.

 Find what types of exercise are right for you and how much you can do safely.

 Classes are approximately one hour long and meet 2-3 days per week.

Includes stretching, breathing techniques, endurance, and balance activities tailored for your ability and skill level.

 AFEP can help you control pain, feel less tired, boost your mood, and feel more confident about staying active and managing your arthritis.

The more you attend, the better you’ll feel.