Upcoming Events

Tai Chi – Intro/Intermediate

January 19, 2023 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Join us in-person at the Durgin Center for a combination Tai Chi class with instructor Donna Dwyer! Tai Chi is an enjoyable exercise that can improve balance, relieve pain, and improve health and ability to do things. It is a slow exercise, easy to learn and good for all ability levels. The essential principles of Tai Chi include mind and body integration, fluid movements, controlled breathing and mental concentration. Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body, helping people to relax and feel better.
This is an hour and a half class split into two sessions. The first 45 minutes of the class will be Intro to Tai Chi, and the second 45 minutes will be Tai Chi 2. Participants are welcome to attend both 45 minute sessions; Tai Chi 2 participants will find the Intro class a good warm up and refresher, and Intro participants will learn what further Tai Chi instruction looks like.
Starts January 19th! $45 for the 16 class session. 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.