Furry Friends Food Bank

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Eastern Area Agency on Aging has restructured the Furry Friends Food Bank to help seniors feed their pets. With donated pet food, FFFB is able to provide supplemental nutrition to these animals.

Furry Friends Food Bank is dedicated to preserving the special bond between people and their pets by providing pet food and basic pet care supplies to those in need. FFFB recognizes that the love, support, and companionship pets give is invaluable to mental and physical health. This is especially true for someone who is ill or isolated.

By providing this service, EAAA believes that people will be better equipped to continue caring for their pets by easing the physical and financial worry of their companion’s care while ensuring their own good health.

Typically, those people who have a low income share their own food with their animals, as they either can’t afford pet food or are not physically able get out and purchase it. Furry Friends Food Bank’s mission is to stop this occurrence.

The need for social contact and support is often not met for older individuals who may have lost friends and family members. An animal companion has been found to greatly facilitate establishing friends outside of someone’s normal routine.

Studies have found that the presence of pets in people’s lives leads to better health and well-being. In fact, pet owners visit their doctors less, and use less medicine. People also recover faster from surgery and illness, tend to deal better with stressful situations, and are less likely to feel lonely.

Animals provide comfort day and night, don’t mind being told the same story over and over again, provide companionship and unconditional love. Animals need attention and affection to survive. And, in turn, actually being needed makes people, especially seniors, thrive and feel useful. Pets can give seniors a sense of purpose.


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